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Bathroom Design Tips From The Experts

Designing a stylish yet functional bathroom is a deceptively difficult task, but a very important one. You don’t want to have to redesign in a year or two so you need a layout and décor that is going to stand the test of time. But what if you’re an interior design novice? You might want a few pointers from the experts. Here are some fantastic tips from experienced and well-known designers on how to make the most of your bathroom.

“The basin is the most important part of the bathroom.”

You may think that the bath is the key feature of your bathroom – the clue is in the name, isn’t it? But it is actually the basin that has the most effect on the tone of the room. The shape and style of the basin, whether it is simple and modern or more of a period style, will impact how the rest of the room feels, so make sure it blends well with your preferred décor. Campbell suggests setting your basin in marble or furniture to make the room feel, “less like a hotel bathroom.”

“Use simple, nice materials and a limited palette.”

A bathroom should be somewhere you can relax in – so it’s important to strike a balance between avoiding making the space too ‘busy’ and not making it feel too pristine and perfect. It needs to be uncluttered but still lived-in. Being focussed and restrained in your choice of materials and colours can help with this. Davis suggests bringing in, “some sense of nature,” by incorporating wood, for instance. If you’re unsure about using real wood in what can be a damp room, wood effect flooring can create a natural feel.

“Don’t make the toilet the first thing you see when [you] open the door.”

So many bathrooms fall foul of this rule. While it may be difficult to tuck your toilet away discreetly if you have limited space, do think about the first impression your bathroom makes when guests are confronted with it on entry. Some clever remodelling and a bit of inventiveness with your layout can allow you to make the first sight of your bathroom more appealing.

“To soften a room use a mix of directional light and easily dimmed spotlights.”

Natural light is particularly effective in the bathroom, adding to the sense of cleanliness. Think about the materials you use and how they can help you to make the most of the natural light your bathroom gets – use mirrors to redirect light into shady corners, or choose a wall covering with reflective qualities or even a slight sparkle, such as our White Sparkle bathroom wall cladding. Synthetic light should create a relaxing mood for those long soaks at the end of the day, so spotlights with dimmer switches are an excellent choice.

“Think about your bathroom as a series of horizontal and vertical planes.”

Tiled splashbacks hovering above the basin may be commonplace, but actually isolated blocks of colours or materials can disrupt the flow of the room and make it look disjointed. By reimagining your bathroom in terms of planes, you can create beautiful lines within the room, maximising the sense of space in what can be quite a poky room and lending elegance. Using wall cladding is excellent for this effect – as it comes in panels, you can very easily create a series of vertical planes. Contrasting shower cladding can delineate your shower space very effectively.

“Marble in a bathroom is decadent and the ultimate luxury.”

If you’re aiming for a sense of extravagance and opulence in your bathroom, you can’t go wrong with marble. Long associated with beautiful, high-end interiors, it is a timeless look which brings a natural feel while still maintaining a sense of cleanliness. However, it comes at a price. Splashing out on marble for a few key areas, such as the basin surround, can be very effective. You can then complement these areas by using marble effect cladding, which comes in various shades to allow you to find the perfect match.

If you feel you need more guidance in bathroom design, why not contact an interior designer for some pointers? Or talk to our team who are happy to help you find the right product for your needs and budget.