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7 Bathroom Design Tips to Transform Big and Small Spaces

The bathroom of any home has to be all things to all people – from a tranquil space to relax in after a long and tiring day to a functional and easy to use room that is perfect for all the family. Regardless of your bathroom’s primary purpose however, how it looks is just as important as its ambience. There are countless bathroom design advice pieces just waiting to catch your gaze on the web but as leading experts in decorative cladding for bathrooms of all shapes, sizes and specifications, we have the knowledge to deliver the essential tips you need to transform your space like a pro.

Here we reveal our top tips for achieving bathroom design perfection so you can enjoy your space thoroughly and make it work for you.

  1. Start with your layout

Whatever your taste, and whether you are saving or splurging on your bathroom’s fixtures, fittings and accessories, an inefficient bathroom layout makes for a wasteful space. Even the dreamiest bathrooms falter if the layout isn’t in-tune with the family it is serving so don’t be afraid to make some drastic changes to your existing space to get the bathroom you not just want but need.

Devise a bathroom floor plan to determine the ideal layout for you. Begin by determining whether a one, two or three wet wall arrangement works for you, i.e. whether essential fixtures like the sink, toilet, shower and bath run along one, two or three walls. The one wall layout is a popular choice, particularly for those searching for a design that is cost effective but do consider your constraints with this one faceted plan.

  1. Now for the materials

Going for tiled, plastered and painted, or panelled is a common dilemma facing many householders wishing to overhaul the design of their bathroom, but the easiest to maintain and most stylish wall covering may be right under your nose…

Bathroom wall cladding is a great way to create a classic look for bathrooms on the larger and smaller size, and perfect for walls that measure as little as 8mm thick. As well as being easy to install and low maintenance, bathroom wall cladding systems are particularly resistant to colour fading meaning you can enjoy a polished look for years to come. We have a number of modern designs in a variety of lengths to choose from and supply the fixing profiles, sealants, fixings and adhesives you need to get the job done correctly and confidently.

  1. Create a centrepiece with your fixtures

There are so many bathroom fixtures and fittings to choose from, which can make shopping for the supplies you need an arduous task but knowing what you want is the first step to creating a bathroom you can be proud of. As well as considering a central theme – modern or traditional being the basic style guide for many – aiming to create at least one centrepiece with your sink, bath or shower is certainly the call of the day. Make sure you balance style with functionality though – one piece vanity sinks are great to look at but not ideal for family homes where upkeep needs to be swift. Many family homes find that the self-rimming sink is an easy to install, economical and aesthetically pleasing option.

The bathtub in particular offers a great focal point for any bathroom and with so many styles to choose from finding a tub to suit your chosen theme and to satisfy the pickiest of tastes is easy. Freestanding baths are excellent for making a statement and can even be streamlined to complement the smallest of bathrooms.

  1. Invest in lighting

Bathroom lighting is a vital part of the overall design and without it the space itself can become difficult to use and the key design features that you have spent time (and money) picking and choosing can be lost in translation. Whilst you may not have an in-depth understanding of lighting design, concentrating on the areas that need lighting is a great place to start. Around your bathroom mirror is one place where lighting is required and wall mounted lights are a great way to achieve even distribution and a well-lit area especially when positioned at eye level. Another fitting above the mirror also works well for maximising light whilst minimising shadows.

Elsewhere in the bathroom, ceiling mounted, downlights and pendant lights all have their benefits for enhancing style and mood in the same breath, and chandeliers can add impact and drama in larger bathroom spaces.

  1. Don’t forget the flooring

Your choice of flooring is just as integral to the finished result as your wall coverings, lighting and fixtures, and as in most kitchen areas, the flooring in your bathroom has to work hard and ensure optimum safety. Opt for flooring that has been developed for bathroom use, ensuring that it is waterproof and slip resistant. Stone and ceramic tiles work on all fronts as well as creating a luxurious look and feel that lasts a lifetime.

  1. Add splashes of colour

Whilst the much favoured monochrome look offers a timeless and interchangeable option for all bathrooms, adding splashes of colour to your bathroom space is the way to inject your personality into one of the most used rooms in your home. When considering colour think about what you want to feel when using your bathroom, do you want to be woken up or calmed by your chosen palette, or perhaps both depending on its use come day or night? Whether you choose to use wall cladding, panels, paint, tiles or a combination of materials, you’ll find plenty of colours and textures. Stuck for ideas? Be inspired by these colourful bathrooms.

  1. Make every detail count

The finishing touches are often the first and last thing that your family or guests will notice when using your bathroom so make sure you make an effort to get the accessories right. While those with smaller spaces may have to limit just how many accessories they frequent their bathroom with, adding little tastes of luxury here and there is possible.