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The Magic of Monochrome: 5 Ways to Use Black and White in Your Bathroom

When redesigning your bathroom, it’s important to choose a style that will last for years without looking dated. And there’s one colour scheme that never goes out of fashion: monochrome. From the catwalks to interior design, black and white is a timeless favourite. And with most easily available suites being white, it’s an obvious choice for the bathroom. But how do you use it without creating a clinical feel? Here are five tips for creating a monochrome bathroom without compromising on ambience or personality.

  • Think about the space

Bathrooms tend to be one of the smallest rooms in the house and dark colours can create a very enclosed atmosphere, so think carefully about the balance of black and white in the room. If it is very narrow, for instance, using black on opposite walls will only emphasise this.

A great option for smaller bathrooms is to have a black feature wall to contrast the crisp white of the rest of the room. Our Black Chrome cladding from the Classic range is a great option for creating a striking feature wall.

You also need to consider how much natural light the room gets – if it’s not much, try to avoid black on the wall facing the window, opting instead for white to reflect the light.

  • Go for grey

Worried a pure black and white bathroom might be too stark a contrast for your tastes? Don’t be afraid to explore the whole spectrum of monochrome and incorporate greys and silvers into your design.

This is a fantastic way to soften and blend the tones of black and white while still remaining timeless and uncluttered. Mottled styles, such as Storm Grey or Brushed Silver, can be used to bring in various shades of the monochrome spectrum.

Think also about accessories – slate grey towels, vases filled with pebbles and metallic soap dishes or candle holders can all be used to add a variety of hues to your bathroom.

  • Add a signature colour

If you’re still not keen on just black and white but want to make more of a statement than simply adding in grey, why not choose a single colour to incorporate into the design?

The best way to do this is to use a bright colour that will really pop against the monochrome theme, and use it sparingly so it does not overwhelm the whole design. A bold stripe of colour in an otherwise black or white wall creates an eye-catching impression without overpowering the room. How about a splash of red or – if you’re feeling daring – lime green?

Again, accessories come into their own in this type of design – and the great thing about monochrome is that it goes with anything, so if your bathroom accessories were bought for your old colour scheme you don’t need to throw them out and start afresh!

  • Perfect for patterns

It can be difficult to bring patterns into bathroom design – a tendency towards clean, uncluttered styles and the smaller room size can mean that patterns feel fussy and out of place. However, in a black and white bathroom a pattern can really bring the look together while still retaining a sense of sophistication.

Something as simple as a monochrome patterned bath mat can inject personality into the room – or if you’re feeling bold enough, why not go for patterned cladding on your walls? Our Floral range of shower cladding comes in both black and white and features an understated yet eye-catching design.

  • Make a statement with your suite

If black walls don’t appeal to you, why not switch the colourway? Most bathroom suites are only available in white, but if you’re willing to shop around and shell out a bit more you can find suites in various colours – including black!

This is a bold style to pull off, but a black suite surrounded by white walls would certainly create a stunning effect. And because white cladding is often a less expensive choice, you can feel justified in paying a little extra for a stand-out suite. We have various options for white cladding, including our great value White Matt and White Gloss.

However you use monochrome in your bathroom, get it right and you will create a timeless décor that you will enjoy for years to come.