Wall Cladding Panels

Contemporary Chic designs perfect for walls
  • 10 mm thick
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Resistant to colour fading
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in a full range of fashionable designs
  • Available in varied widths and lengths
  • Can be applied to ceilings
  • Complementary fixing profiles, sealants, fixings and eat adhesives
  • Water resistant
  • Available ex stock
  • Lead Free
  • Class 1 fire rating
  • 5 years manufacturers guarantee


For many householders creating a chic and contemporary look within their home is certainly the call of the day, and the clean lines and modern details associated with this popular trend are perfect for use in every area of the home, including the bathrooms, dining areas, playrooms and bedrooms that our customers are looking to enhance. Our Chic range is a vital part of the Decor Clad collection, and by browsing here, our customers are able to harness a number of unique benefits plus a high level of customer service thanks to our qualified and time served cladding specialists.

Should I use cladding?

There are many reasons why people throughout the UK and across the world opt to use cladding over other wall coverings, and our Chic wall cladding panels ensure that numerous advantages can be unlocked. Destined for use on walls and also suitable for use on the ceiling, our Chic panels measure in at 10mm thick to provide a strong, versatile and vibrantly finished alternative to tiles and other wall coverings.

Our cladding systems are particularly simple to install, and whilst we would advise that all our systems are fitted by an experienced professional to achieve the desired look, the speed and ease of fitting can save you time and money, which is perfect for those on a tighter budget thanks to the affordability of the product itself and the accessories needed to apply it to your walls. After installation, you can continue to enjoy this level of ease as our Chic wall cladding panels are particularly easy to maintain. Simply wipe clean with warm water and a cladding friendly, non-abrasive detergent to uphold that ‘just installed’ look and feel.

Each of the products you can see in our Chic range uses the highest quality materials to ensure the water damage and colour fade that is synonymous with fixtures used within bathrooms and other high humidity, high traffic rooms is a thing of the past. Our cladding panels are also available ex stock, with the materials used free from lead meaning your product choice is not only great for your home and your wallet but also great for the environment. All Decor Clad cladding systems and wall panels are covered by a five year manufacturer’s guarantee and carry a Class 1 fire rating.

What finishes can I choose from?

Unlocking the benefits of cladding and panelling is easier than ever and you can now choose from a range of fashionable finishes and refurbish under-loved spaces within your home to the highest possible standard. The wall cladding panels found in our Chic collection are available in varied widths, lengths and designs so every room, regardless of its shape, style or use, can be improved effectively and efficiently.

For home improvers searching for a classic yet contemporary finish that is high quality and natural looking, our marble wall cladding panels may be the perfect choice for you. Available in silver grey, blue, rose, beige, jade and black, the marble panels stocked here at Decor Clad deliver a number of benefits that are simply not found in the budget busting, natural stone material. Our Firenze, Pompei, Verona, Amerante and Magic products also provide an exciting natural finish with all the benefits that go hand-in-hand with a modern day cladding system.

For those looking for a colourful look in every part of their home, we have the ideal options for you, from solid to patterned panels in red, taupe, orange and lime green. Our wood effect finishes also offer something different in terms of colour and texture to spruce up residential and commercial properties of all sizes.