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Shower Cladding & Shower Panels

Designed for Showers
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Water resistant
  • Resistant to colour fading
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in a full range of stylish designs
  • 10 mm thick and available in varied widths and lengths
  • Complementary fixing profiles, sealants, fixings and eat adhesives
  • Available ex stock
  • Lead Free
  • Class 1 fire rating
  • 5 years manufacturers guarantee
  • Tile shower panels


Our deluxe range offers the crème de la crème of cladding and panels. Specifically designed for use in showers, the shower cladding and shower panels stocked here at Decor Clad deliver a selection of benefits for individuals looking to improve their bathroom spaces and ensuites on a budget without compromising on quality.

As innovators in cladding, panels and flooring, our Deluxe products combine our many years of experience with intensive research to ensure premium quality and a unique list of exceptional features. Being a one stop shop for all things cladding isn’t easy, that’s why we invest time and money into making sure our products are on point, practical and perfectly polished.

Why should you use decorative panels?

Decorative cladding and panels unlock a number of benefits and are recommended for use in all showers to get the look that you want as part of your bathroom design overhaul as well as the practicality and functionality that you need in such an essential and heavily used area in the home.

Panels enable home improvers to effectively clad the shower area in just two panels, which are joined at a right angle by a jointing bead. A trim can then be used at either side of each panel to ensure external corners can be fully protected and in tune with your wider bathroom’s overall finish. Here at Decor Clad, we stock a number of cladding trims, including products to complement our Chic, Classic and Deluxe cladding systems and panels.

Shower panels, like the ones shown here, can also be particularly efficient, and can even be installed over existing wall coverings, including notoriously difficult to remove tiles. Unlike tiles and other wall coverings, shower cladding systems and panels are warm to the touch which can dramatically reduce the condensation issues that are common in family bathrooms, ensuites and shower rooms.

What’s different about our products?

By being specially developed for showers, our Deluxe cladding and panels make installation quick and easy. Whilst we do recommend calling on a qualified expert for professional fitting, the nature of our systems makes installation as simple as 1, 2, 3. In addition to saving time and money during the installation process, our cladding and panel products are extremely water resistant, which is perfect for environments that are continuously exposed to damp and particularly high levels of humidity.

With very little maintenance, the products in our Deluxe shower range can last for years to come, but for extra peace of mind each of our cladding systems and panels come with a five year manufacturer’s guarantee. The Decor Clad shower cladding and panels are lead free and have a Class 1 fire rating making them highly resistant to fire thanks to the use of materials that are flame retardant and prevent the spread of fire.

We offer a number of stunning finishes for your perusal – including sparkle (available in black, white and beige), marble, black granite, frosty white, white gloss, silver ash, fusion and floral – allowing you to choose from various designs and discover the panel pattern and texture to suit your wider bathroom’s theme. Our panels are 10mm thick as standard but are available in a range of widths and lengths so you can stick to your budget and minimise wastage. Want a tiled look without the hassle? We also stock tile shower panels so you can enjoy a low maintenance, water resistant and stylish tiled shower area.

Browse our selection of shower cladding and shower panels below and become one step closer to a beautiful, high quality and long lasting shower space.