Ceiling Cladding

Perfect for ceilings
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Resistant to colour fading
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in a full range of tasteful designs
  • Available in varied depths, widths and lengths
  • Can be applied to walls
  • Complementary fixing profiles, sealants, fixings and eat adhesives
  • Water resistant
  • Available ex stock
  • Lead Free
  • Class 1 fire rating
  • 5 years manufacturers guarantee
  • Bathroom ceiling cladding
  • UPVC ceiling cladding


As well as being an excellent wall covering that encompasses a number of benefits for residential settings, cladding can be applied to ceilings, with excellent results. The ceiling is often one part of the room that gets forgotten when upgrading an existing space or opting for a complete refurbishment, however, when given the correct level of care and attention, the look of your ceiling can actually enhance the wider room. Decorating your ceiling isn’t just a matter of making sure it looks the part, it can also make the waterproofing issues that are so common in high humidity areas, like family bathrooms, wet rooms, shower rooms and ensuites, a thing of the past.

There are a range of finishes that your ceiling can be subjected to but cladding offers a vast range of advantages, whether you have a small or large budget to play with, a petite or huge bathroom space to fit out, or have limited or extensive experience when it comes to dealing with installation and upkeep. Our Hygiene range allows individuals who are upgrading or renovating to enjoy a solution that is made specifically for ceilings, but why should you choose the Decor Clad team as your ceiling cladding provider and what benefits can you look forward to when purchasing our products?

The benefits of our Hygiene range

Like all our cladding systems, our Hygiene ceiling cladding is designed to be easy to install. As well as giving you the means to save time, you can also save money as the initial cost for materials is low, installation does not take as long hence a lower fitting cost and our products are resistant to colour fading meaning there is a lower risk of having to replace your cladding any time soon.

Maintenance-wise, our cladding systems for ceilings are simple to take care of, and as the name of our range suggests they are extremely hygienic. There is no grout that can go dirty and harbour bacteria like with commonly used tiled surfaces, whilst the materials we incorporate are also mould repellent and water resistant unlike the plaster and paint traditionally used to decorate ceilings. By creating a cladded ceiling courtesy of our Hygiene systems, maintenance does not have to be a time consuming or arduous task, instead a simple wipe down with warm water and a non-abrasive cleaner is all that is needed to ensure a dirt-free and beautiful looking surface.

Our ceiling cladding systems are lead free and flame retardant to a Class 1 fire rating as standard, and we also offer a five year manufacturer’s guarantee with all our Hygiene products for extra peace of mind. The cladding systems seen in our Hygiene range don’t have to be restricted to use on the ceiling. For those wishing to replicate the same finish on the walls, these can be applied to continue the design.

Ordering with us

Our Hygiene ceiling cladding range is stocked full of high quality and cost effective products in a plethora of sophisticated finishes so you are certain to find the system that suits your taste, your space and your budget. Each of our products comes in a variety of depths, widths and lengths making them a practical and easy to fit solution for spaces big and small. When ordering with us, we offer complementary fixing profiles, sealants, fixings and eat adhesives allowing installation to go ahead as planned and for a professional finish to be achieved.

Shop with us today by taking a look at our product range below and find the materials you need to take care of your ceiling.