Tile Cladding & Tile Effect Wall Panels

Tile effect wall panels, the perfect substitute for tiled walls
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Resistant to colour fading
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in a full range of traditional designs
  • 10 mm thick, available in varied widths and lengths
  • Some with recessed grout lines
  • Complementary fixing profiles, sealants, fixings and eat adhesives
  • Water resistant
  • Available ex stock
  • Lead Free
  • Class 1 fire rating
  • 5 years manufacturers guarantee


The tiled effect is a highly coveted look, particularly in family bathrooms, wet rooms, shower rooms and ensuites. Suitable for use on floors, walls and ceilings, tiles have been the go-to covering for as long as we remember but they do have their drawbacks, particularly when being compared to more affordable, easy to install and low maintenance cladding and panelling options like the ones we stock here at Decor Clad. As a leading supplier of decorative cladding systems, we know more than most about the challenges our customers face and the solutions they need to ensure the completion of a modern looking and high quality bathroom.

The disadvantages of using traditional tiles

Whilst there is no doubt that tiles are extremely durable leading to their use inside and outside for hundreds of years, there are drawbacks to utilising this commonly used material, downsides which have caused many householders and commercial property owners to go in search of better alternatives.

Ceramic tiles in particular are cold to the touch, which is not a pleasant feeling when stepping out of a warm bath or shower, especially in the height of winter. Unlike other materials used to cover walls, floors and ceilings, the density of ceramic means the material takes longer to heat, and once heated tiles also take a while to cool which can cause other issues in warmer climates. The density of its structure comes into play when considering the second disadvantage of using tile; tiles are extremely hard, which can indeed enhance durability but can also cause problems in many homes, particularly those inhabited by young children or elderly individuals. In addition to causing health and safety issues such as slips, trips and falls, and carrying a greater risk than other softer surfaces, the inflexible nature of ceramic makes tiles more prone to surface cracking.

When replacing tiled surfaces, home improvers are also more likely to encounter problems, and whilst its durability ensures your tiles last a lifetime, they can be particularly messy, costly and difficult to remove. Maintenance-wise, the smooth surface of the ceramic tile itself simply wipes clean but the grout lines in between need extra tender loving care and are susceptible to staining, mould growth and mildew presence, and must be cleaned regularly and sealed periodically to ensure a clean look that harbours minimum bacteria.

How tile effect panels are different

Finding an alternative to tiles and avoiding the disadvantages associated with this commonly used material is easier than you think, and our extensive range of tile effect panels and tile cladding offers an affordable and enviable solution. The perfect substitute for tiled walls, our panels and cladding systems are very easy to install and maintain. There’s no grout lines to be cleaned and re-sealed, and the surface and accompanying trim can simply be wiped clean to ensure that new and clean look and feel.

In addition to being water resistant, our tile effect panels are resistant to colour fading, a problem that is very common in bathrooms across the country thanks to their heavy use and exposure to damp and humidity. The products in our Tile range certainly look the part, and as well as being able to choose from a number of traditional designs – all of which are 10mm thick and available in a variety of widths and lengths – many of the products detailed below come with recessed grout lines for a realistic finish and texture.

All our Tile products are lead free, Class 1 fire rated and guaranteed so shop with us today by browsing the effect wall panels and cladding systems below.