Cladding Trim

Specifically designed to match the panel ranges to give you the perfect finish.
Note, mixing the trim range with another panel range won't always necessarily fit so please only order "per range".  If unsure, drop us a line, we'll be more than happy to assist.


For anyone investing in our wall panels and cladding systems ensuring a high quality finish isn’t just about the material design you choose from our range but the finishing touches. As well as stocking a number of accessories to guarantee swift installation and easy maintenance, we supply a number of cladding trims to complement the systems and panels across each of our ranges. Our Chic, Classic, Hygiene and Deluxe panels can be finished to the highest standard thanks to the addition of our cladding trims, and we provide a full range of options, including rigid angles, internal corners, one and two part starters, end caps, external corners and H-profiles to make sure that rooms of all shapes, sizes and specifications are fully catered for.

The trims found in the range below come in various colours and finishes, such as white, black and chrome, so you can rest assured that the overall design of your room can be complemented confidently.

Choosing the right trims for your project

Our trims are multipurpose and are specially designed to neatly and cleanly finish those exposed corners and joints that are created by cladding and wall panel installation. Each of our trim products guarantees an attractive yet practical finish, and are not only extremely durable and flexible but can be sealed easily to ensure the panels, floor, wall and ceiling at either side, and the joint itself are fully protected from leaks. As you can see we offer a wide range of trims, and for those unfamiliar with cladding systems and panels, the different varieties available can be confusing. As well as reading the information below, our team can be called upon for professional advice and support regarding your cladding trim selection.

Available as a one part or two part piece, our starters are an essential accessory for the installation of cladding and wall panels. This particular part can be used to hold cladding and panels in place and provide a suitable accompaniment to other trims in the same high quality finish and colour. Here at Decor Clad, we also stock internal and external corners. As the name suggests, internal corners are designed to be applied to vertical internal corners of your room, and use two slots allowing the trim to be attached to each wall panel. The same system is used on external corner trims, however as these are suitable for outside corners of your wall. Our H-profile trims, often shortened to ‘H trims’ can be utilised in between panel joints and can be used to highlight the panelled effect. Using the high quality materials available in a range of colours at an affordable price, our H-profile products are very easy to fit and can be called upon during the installation process and the panels either side simply slotted into place. Our end caps, available in black, white or chrome across our Chic, Hygiene, Classic and Deluxe cladding collections, are used to cover the ends of the panels and offer a flush finish, especially when fitted in conjunction with window frames and corners.

Installing your cladding trims

As we’ve mentioned previously all of the cladding trims supplied by our team are easy to install, however, we do recommend calling on a professional for help with fitting to achieve a beautiful and unified result. Our trims can be used throughout the installation process and can be cut to size using a UPVC saw. The rigid angles, internal corners, one and two part starters, end caps, external corners and H-profiles that we stock simply slide into place, and depending on the particular part can be fixed with screws or adhesive.

Find the trims you need to complete your cladding or panelling project to the highest standard by browsing the products below today.